Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone except one is silent and no one seems to be in agreement or disagreement with what is being said, no one seems to have an opinion except the speaker and when decisions are being taken, everyone consents to the “popular idea” with no one saying otherwise?

Have you ever been in a community where nothing is working yet everyone goes about their business like “it doesn’t matter, we’ll survive anyway. When the government wakes up we can have a great life then”?

“Show me a prosperous land and I’ll show you the great men and women in the land who rose up one day and said NO! Who resisted the urge to stay silent and unresponsive to the battles that had to be fought.”

– Mind Convos

We tend to associate silence with peace when in fact sometimes it’s like the countdown moments of a time bomb whose detonation is already sure.

“Silence is the best answer for a fool” many would say but then I wonder maybe we just lack the confidence to set the fool straight because even we are not sure of our own wisdom.

Only a few are blunt and straight forward, many of us pretend to be peaceful and easy going by keeping our opinions and thoughts to ourselves even when the situation demands that we speak!

We hate to be judged and criticized by others and would rather convey our thoughts securely to those who would never castigate us but in fact we do complain, we criticize, we judge yet all these are done securely within the confines of our own mind or in the face of the one who would do nothing to make things better.

We not only hold ourselves back from being of positive contribution but we also criticize and resist anyone who is brave or bold enough to rise above our own weaknesses to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. We label them as “the trouble makers”, “the unpeaceful” ones meanwhile they leave the gathering light-hearted and free while we carry around the burden of our unspoken words and unshared opinions.

Take a minute to look around you, at the development in the world today, the great aesthetic cars we drive around, the magnificent airplanes and sophisticated buildings, the great advancement in technology and in medicine, these surely didn’t happen by magic! These are all products of the minds that said NO to mediocrity and laziness, the minds that converted thought into action and refused to stay silent to the pressing need and desire for a better world and standard of living for all.

Though in a moment of silence we are able to utilize or gain full access to the wisdom and greatness inside of us, it is of great importance that we know when to cast silence aside and speak, when to cast inaction aside and act! What is the use of all the wisdom and intelligence if it cannot be used to fight the necessary battles and do what needs to be done to move our lives and that of others forward?

Silence is golden only when taking action or speaking up at that moment would cause more harm than good in the particular situation at hand.

Instead of staying silent and watch things around us go sour, we all can rise above our fear or insecurities and acquire the confidence to speak up or take necessary action by spending more time and investing more in personal or self-development.

We must accept the fact that to move our society and the world at large forward, the journey starts with us. We must make the first move to improve on ourselves. We must resist the urge to stay silent to the positive changes that need to be made in our lives so that we can therefore, qualify to save the world from destruction and ruin through our positive contributions in form of well reasoned words and actions.

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  1. Samson

    The Wright brothers Wilbur and Orville of Kitty hawk flew for 12 seconds just days after the “brightest minds” in the US -at the time- released a communique that it was “impossible a metal machine to fly in the air”. So much for their being the geniuses of the time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm… the Wright brothers could have stayed silent and moved on with their lives but they didn’t. The output of their labor inspired a great development we all enjoy today.

      Thanks Sam.. for sharing 🙂


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