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Hi Reader, you are Awesome!

Here are some quick facts about me 😉

  • My name is Olajumoke Ola, I’m a Writer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Producer. I’m passionate about using media to influence lives positively.
  • I’m a Nigerian and a Muslim with an unconventional mind, an eye for excellence and a passion for growth and development of the human mind.
  • I’d love to live and enjoy life in amazing but unconventional ways, to explore the unexplored and discover the hidden treasures of life.
  • I have a huge sense of humor and I think its a huge blessing. Laughing heartily with friends, family and even strangers takes away sadness and all elements of negativity in the world.

So about the blog:

This blog started out from my personal journal where I used to take down notes of my daily reflections: the mistakes, life lessons, aspirations, words of inspiration, development and motivation.

Then one day I thought to myself, “if all these words could help me take positive action and improve on my own self, why not quit being “selfish” and share these profound words of reflection with the world? Why not inspire others as well to think positively and profoundly in a way that unlocks their own well of wisdom and leads them to take positive action that will move their lives forward?”

So here I am. Or rather, Here we are!

Welcome to this amazing blog and I hope that this blog would serve to you, the purpose for which it was created: to inspire positive and profound thinking in you and also to help you discover or uncover your inner greatness while knowing fully well that you are not alone 🙂

– Olajumoke Ola


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