Everybody wants to:

Talk like everybody, Act like everybody,

Dress like everybody and Be like everybody.

But everybody can’t be everybody because…

Everybody has that purpose unique to them.

Some were made to rule while some were made to serve,

Some were made to build while some were made to destroy,

Some were made to soar while some were made to fall.

So what then unites us all?

The free will to choose where we belong in all of these…


The decisions we make in the course of our lives such as the places we go, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the words we speak, the people we relate with, the career we choose, the man or woman we marry etc define the whole of our lives, at the end.

When we choose to fall in line and live by the societal norms, we diminish the great potentials that abound in us; when we compare ourselves ignorantly to other people, we slowly poison our hearts and deny ourselves the joy and freedom that comes with self-discovery.

Thus, every man and woman, child and adult should venture into their own selves and expel the evil, express the goodness and explore the greatness that lies within… and in the end, enjoy the fulfillment and bliss of a life well lived.


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