Life presents us with unlimited possibilities all thanks to the Almighty God but many of us humans hold ourselves back from exploring this abundance that we have been blessed with. We are in the midst of so much “wealth and abundance”, yet we starve.

We hold certain beliefs and lifestyles that limit us from discovering the greatness in us: Go to school from a certain age to a certain age, get employed and get married at a certain age, retire and later on, go surrender yourself to an “old people’s home” while you wait for death to make your end official.

Some spend years in school studying a course they do not like or care about, graduate, get a job they do not like or care about, get married to a person they are not even sure they like that much, and subsequently spend the rest of their lives just basically playing along like an actor or actress playing out a scripted role.

So many graduates without employment spend several months or years of their lives distributing CVs and joggling from one job interview to another and then finally settle for a job they do not like. When asked they all claim its only for a while, they’d move on to a better job as soon as the opportunity comes but then five years later, the great move is still yet to happen. Some even get promoted or find a better employment but the situation remains the same: a rigid, frustrated life!

Many are afraid to venture out of the “normal” or “widely accepted” into a genuine life that truly defines their purpose. Have you taken a good look at the world around you? Life is a mixture, filled with varieties in both the living and non-living categories of existence. Even though our existence is guided by a set of rules and laws provided by the Almighty which we are expected to follow, we all have been given different gifts and abilities to help us achieve that special purpose we have been created for.

We all have been “customized” for our own purpose. The fact that you are intelligent, wise, creative, empathetic, disorganised, restless, and/or observant is not there for nothing. You are that way for a reason, why not explore your inner greatness and find it?

We greatly limit ourselves by comparing our own lives and experiences to that of others. Everything that happens to us in the whole of our existence is unique to our destiny and if we’re observant enough we should know that no two persons ever go through the same combination of experiences in the course of their lives. Therefore, we should take time to observe our own journey so far in this world. What are the hidden truths, facts and revelations that can be extracted from our past and present experiences that can help us make better decisions that would lead to a fulfilling and more rewarding future?

If we want a better quality of life or a better destiny then we should work hard at it, if we want our future to be way better than our past then we have to start doing things that would lead to the fulfilment of such desires. Sitting back and accepting whatever life throws at us or whatever the society has chosen for us would definitely not make it happen.

Life is really not as rigid as we make it seem. The routes or paths to a fulfilled life are so diverse and endless, though they may be founded on similar principles and philosophies. We really should let loose our imaginations and explore the great abundance of ideas and opportunities that are available to us.

Take a look at successful people around the world, some made it big through cooking, Starbucks rake in millions of dollars every year by selling coffee. The answer to the big financial questions of our lives might just lay hidden in the most easily ignored area of our lives. We should therefore, listen more, observe more, reason more and thus, explore further, the greatness that lies inside of us while utilizing the great abundance and energy we have all around us.

“Be it a life spent as a cobbler, or one spent carving sophisticated bridges and airplanes, fulfillment comes mainly to those who have labored upon their imaginations and utilized the energy obtained through inspiration to live a life unique to them with no desire whatsoever to have the life and accomplishments of another.”

– Mind Convos


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