My Ideal Personality or person is:

  • Calm but agile
  • Fashionable but not vain
  • Smart, Intelligent and/or seeking intelligence
  • Humble but not easily manipulated

  • Righteous and/or seeking righteousness
  • Sharp
  • Responsible
  • Confident
  • Selfless
  • Resourceful
  • Flexible, with a great Sense of Humor
  • Blunt and unpretentious
  • Spiritual or with a reflective mind
  • Benevolent and looks out for the good in others



We all have that person we admire and appreciate. Though we might be aware of their flaws too as no human is perfect, they seem to radiate certain qualities that distinguish them from the crowd or every other person out there. We just want to nominate them for some personality of the year award or something.

My Ideal Personality is not anyone I know but if I look around I know people who have some of those traits listed. My ideal personality is someone I aspire to be. Maybe I’m already some of those, maybe I’m struggling with some of those but then my ideal personality is a compilation of traits which I admire most in others and also which I align my personal growth goals around.

Now it’s your turn, take some time to reflect and compile your own list of qualities and attributes then ask yourself this question: “Who is my Ideal Personality?”


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