“The time has come for wisdom to take back its rightful place in the world; to cleanse the present age of the alarming domination of vainness and shallow thinking”

-mind convos

It is perhaps a trend these days to quote the wise words of great men and women in order to buttress our points and add some depth to our opinions. While this might be a positive sign (if done for the right reasons) that perhaps the world is once again yearning for wisdom and great intellect, many however, do not have an idea about some of these people whose wells of wisdom are being explored and quoted.

So I hereby request that you join me, let’s take a brief tour around the life and times, insights and lessons of these great minds with the hope that it will further expand and open up our own minds to great possibilities and help us discover and unlock our own well of wisdom which is essential to make a positive difference in the world.


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