Have you ever denied yourself an opportunity to showcase your talents or abilities because you didn’t “look good” enough? When was the last time you missed an interview or a presentation all because you didn’t “feel good” enough?

A lot of people with great potentials and ideas have somehow failed to act on them due to low self-esteem and self-confidence. They see their lack of sophistication as a stumbling block. They look around them, at all that elegance and class that they do not have and all hopes of getting their ideas or talent out there go into shambles. They forget that:

“When people know you’ve got what they NEED e.g. Information, skill, idea and/or product, the way you walk, talk or dress is of no importance to them. All that ever matters is to give them what they need.

– Mind Convos

It’s all about VALUE CREATION.

Take a look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today: Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were totally geeks when they started out with little regard for fashion and all that vain sophistication that seems to be taking over the world today. They had tremendous value to offer and with great determination and effort, were able to achieve all that they have today.

Regardless of what industry you’re trying to conquer, when people know you’ve got what they  want or need (value) how you look is irrelevant (as long as you don’t look like a serial killer or a terrorist :p). It is when people are quite uncertain about what you have to offer that they begin to question the unnecessary, like the quality of clothes you are wearing, the kind of car you drive or whether you own a car at all.

Although you may have to try harder than others because of your lack of sophistication, the solution becomes thinking of more creative ways to get people to listen to you and then being persistent, unhindered by failure. Let the knowledge of the greatness of your value inspire and motivate you to keep going even when others can’t see it… yet.

A lot of people waste valuable time that could have been invested generously into developing what they have to offer to trying so hard to “fit in” and walk, talk, look good enough for people to notice and pay attention to them. In the end, they get the attention and are unable to deliver irresistible value. These kinds of people are so easily replaced and forgotten. In the real world, your “good looks” only become relevant when you can back it up with great value.

Now don’t get this all wrong, It is not a bad thing to look, talk, dress, and feel good when you have the money or resources at your disposal. The main message here is: never allow the lack of these objects of sophistication to hinder you from putting great effort into your work and going out there to give your best shot. Make the most out of whatever you have: dress neatly and appropriately as best as you can, use a dictionary to your advantage when or where necessary, learn to walk and talk as smartly as you can and go for it!

Though as vain as the world can be, certain people might of course notice and criticize your lack of luxury or poshness, let your vision/mission be so great to you that you never take heed of their existence. Surround yourself with positive minded people (friends, family, colleagues, mentors) that believe in you, you need them the most at this time, and in rare cases where you do not have any, be your own number one fan.

The time will come when you have finally been able to make a great and lasting impact, and the money is finally there for you to spend, then you can go ahead to upgrade your wardrobe and take Italian, French, Spanish or British English classes if you wish. Eventually when the success comes, you can have a good laugh at your past incapability and take a blissful stride into your rosy future with gratitude all the way.


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