Personal Growth is a never ending process.

Growth covers every aspect of our lives: the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, medical and intellectual aspects of life. As long as we have our minds intact (no psycho problems) we have the ability to invest in personal growth. We can make efforts to move our lives forward in a positive way.

No matter how messed up your personality is, there is always room for positive change or growth in a positive direction. All it takes is a determination to start working on those flaws that have held you back from living a great life, flaws that have kept you from excelling on all levels.

Here are a few points to note and keep you inspired as you go on your personal growth journey..


Your personality lasts for only as long as you wish. You can make the decision and start taking the needed action to become whoever you want to be whenever you’re ready.

Keeping away from bad or negative habits is a battle we have to fight on a daily basis, likewise keeping a good personality or habit is something we have to keep working at.

Maintaining a good personality is like trying to stay fit and healthy. You have to keep exercising, eating the right kind of food, drinking the right quantity of water. The cycle never ends until death.

Therefore, do not lose hope if you’re currently on the negative path, your personality is not permanent, good things can still happen from you, by you and with you that is, if you are willing to do the right thing.

Also, if you’re on the positive path, you need to keep working at it just like the professional athlete never stops training to get better. Do not slack or rest on your oars.


“You either develop negatively or positively. Being constant does not exist.”

– Mind Convos

Development is not always a positive thing. Every kind of disease has developmental stages. Even bad habits have their different stages of development.

You cannot decide to stop developing because with or without your permission, just like old age, changes would take place in you- your body and your life -either from external factors or internal factors.

Remember that you do not have 100% control over your experiences. We get exposed to so many kinds of experiences and thus influences (both positive and negative) that get absorbed into our subconscious mind. These lead to the development of certain habits or behaviors the kind of which are determined by the nature of experiences we are exposed to.

This is why personal growth in all areas of your life should be taken seriously so that the unexpected changes can be managed effectively or reconstructed in your favor no matter the situation.


Some blame their parents, family, society, even the government for whatever bad or evil they have done in their lives. Some are stuck with the “if only..s” all because they have failed to realize early enough that they do have a choice in deciding who they want to be; their behavior and personality.

You can be whomever you decide to be at any point in time, if God permits. Although the environment we live in and the conditions under which we live can greatly influence our personality and our life style, we can choose to live and act differently from what’s expected of us in any particular situation.

The fact that you live in a neighborhood where crime, prostitution and alcoholism are the “in-things” does not and should not make you a thief and a fraudster or a porn-addict. You can be different.

The world has had some of its great men and women from even the most unfavourable places on earth living under very difficult conditions such as poverty and disease. You can be that beautiful rose that grows out from among weeds and thorns in your family, your work place, or your community as a whole.


Self awareness helps you to keep in touch with yourself: your habits, character, lifestyle and over all well being. This would help you figure out when you’re going in the right or wrong direction as soon as possible thereby enabling you to do the needful to keep moving forward in a positive direction.


Sometimes we know we need to make certain changes in our lifestyle or personality, we know that these changes are necessary or important if we truly want to progress and live better, yet we wait… we just keep waiting for that perfect moment where a magic wand suddenly casts a magical spell on us and **boom** we’re exactly who we need to be.

It’s not easy to drop our bad habits and adopt the good ones yet it is something we have to do to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

“Fly if you’ve got wings, run if you’ve got energy, walk if you’ve got strength, crawl if you’ve got none of those but no matter what don’t stop moving.”

– Mind Convos

Keep moving in the positive direction no matter how small your steps are. In the long run you would end up many miles ahead of the one who stayed procrastinating. When you look back, you’d be amazed at how far you’ve gone, how much you’ve grown even with the little steps you have been taking consistently over time.

And finally…



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