The Future Does Not Exist…

The so called “TOMORROW” never really comes.

We do not wake into TOMORROW, we wake into another day… TODAY.

We expect to sleep and one day, wake into the FUTURE

But NO, the FUTURE is just another day… TODAY.

The so called FUTURE is just a collection of “TODAYS”

That accumulate into a “TODAY” where all the activities

Of the previous “TODAYS” begin to take shape…

And which determines the progression of the “TODAYS” that follow.


In all my life on Earth, I’ve never experienced a day called “Tomorrow”. Every “Tomorrow” is yet another “Today”. Every “Future” or “Tomorrow” (as used in our vocabulary) eventually becomes “Today”. Even if the “Future” is fifty years from now… it will come as just another “Today”.

Often times we say things like: “When I get married, when I get a job, when I get rich, when I have kids”… When! When!! When!!! We tend to forget that whatever we become in the Future already lies with us Today: in our habits, our routines, our character and the decisions we make.

So, to all those waiting for “Tomorrow” or the “Future” before embarking on that journey to success, greatness and/or fulfillment, I hope you put an end to the wait as that day may never come because all you’ve got is… TODAY.


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