CHERISH YOUR “STRUGGLE DAYS”: They exist for a reason…


Dear Awesome Reader,

Are you currently on a journey to unleashing your potentials? Are you pursuing your dreams and aspirations? Does it feel so over whelming and stressful? Are you feeling lonely, dejected and ready to give up? If yes, then wait a minute, this post is for you!

We all want to be successful, no one wants to be associated with failure. However, the road/journey to success is pretty rough and therefore not an easy feat. For this reason, many have chosen the less stormy path and have decided to stay average all their lives. Only a few are determined to roll up their sleeves, take up the challenge and go the extra mile to achieve excellence. If you belong in the latter category then congratulations, you are almost there!

However, no matter how determined we are to succeed in life, the weight of life’s unpredictable challenges can throw us off balance and leave us feeling handicapped and therefore, unable to achieve our dreams. So what do we do?

First and foremost, we need a very strong philosophy for the path we have chosen to prepare our minds for the battles that lie ahead. We need to make the journey as memorable and rewarding as possible no matter the challenges we face along the way.

But then problem with a lot of us is that we look for support too soon, we are too scared to walk alone even if it’s just for a while so we go around looking for physical, moral and emotional support from family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

We let our dreams or goals depend on the support or input we get from other people and when we don’t get the support we want, the slightest set back or challenge becomes the perfect excuse to give up.

Take some time to read through the biographies of successful men and women in history. Many had to weather the storms and go through rough times alone or with only a few friends and family or mentors around. The world wasn’t screaming with excitement whenever they were found shopping in the mall or walking down the road. Only a few were even interested in their existence until they eventually made it.

Do not think that the situation would be any different with you. Do not expect that the journey would be easy and stress-free. A lot of things will happen; you will lose friends and make enemies (this is quite uncontrollable so deal with it), you will  lose money and lose opportunities, you will get betrayed and criticized… you might go through all of these and even more.

But then its not always bad stuff that happen, good things will happen too; meaningful and rewarding relationships will be established, your persistence and drive will take you to places you have never imagined, you will grow wiser and sharper, also, the strength of mind and discipline you will gain from your experience can never be bought at a price!

Success obtained on a platter of gold hardly inspires anyone. The struggle and the effort made for an achievement determines the strength of the effect it would have on others.

Have it in mind that your labor today is going to inspire someone, somewhere, somehow, to take positive action and embark on his or her own journey to success and greatness. And that truly, is the greatest influence man can ever have in the whole of his existence.


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