emotional intelligence

Really, I find complaining or feeling bad about unaccomplished goals or target a waste of time.

You are not a machine; there are times when you don’t meet your own high expectations of yourself. Beating yourself up or playing the blame game is a mere waste of time and expendable energy. And guess what? That would only lead to negative outcomes like depression and pessimism, low self esteem and even maybe unnecessarily high blood pressure.

Well, here’s some good news: You can change your (over-the-top or bad-hormones-producing) mood as soon as within the next 60 seconds. Haha.. yeah, 60 seconds. Wondering how? I do it every time and anytime this happens.

Have you seen the “Hitler” movie on Adolf Hitler? Did you notice how he went from crazily angry and bad tempered to cool the next minute? (Although his seemed quite psycho, I don’t think I ever wanna be that crazy) I don’t know how he did that but yeah.. something like that.

It begins with self awareness.

People who are self aware are usually quick to notice (key word: notice) when they are angry or excited before the guy or girl next to them starts to feel uncomfortably aware of it. Use that to your advantage.

Take a deep breath (you can sigh if you want). You need to identify and acknowledge your bad mood first and foremost then ask yourself this question:

  • What positive result(s) would this mood bring?

If you find one (just one) then you can go on with your sorry mood and forget about our lil’ game.

However, if you find none then it’s time to ask the next question:

  • What is the first step I need to take to fix the fixable and mend the mend able?

 If there’s nothing to fix then ask:

  • What’s the next best thing I can do right now to produce positive results and recharge my go getter batteries?

These questions make you think in positively productive ways. They get your “problem-solving hormones” up and as such you’ll find that your pathetic mood disappears in no time and you’re back on your feet, getting things done and achieving great results.

“One of the greatest enemies of progress is not failure rather it is your negative attitude or reaction towards your mistakes and failures.”

– Mind Convos

 Get into the Emotional Intelligence game and become one of the highest achievers in your workplace and environment. Get the moody ones curious about your consistently positive vibes and energy.

All thanks to God, the Emotional Intelligence game helped me get a First Class Honors (Bachelor’s degree) in the university. Who knows what other great achievements are awaiting you as soon as you get in the game!


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