This question seems confusing.

One might wonder; how can I run away from my life when it follows me everywhere? Is it possible to be apart from one’s own life?

For the deep thinkers, some might think of suicide. What a way to escape from an overwhelming life that seems to have become too difficult to live!

However, consciously or unconsciously, a lot of us run from our own lives on a daily basis that we even find ourselves asking the question: “when will I start living?” because we seem to have been merely in existence all this while.

When you excessively engage in any activity that takes you away from the reality of your life i.e. your challenges, your responsibilities, your career, your personality/character/beliefs, your background or relationships- the real things that make up your life- that makes you mentally or physically unavailable to do what needs to be done to move your life forward, you can be said to be “running” from your life.

Now what are these activities?

  • Listening to music/watching TV or videos
  • Talking/sleeping/eating
  • Shopping/spending
  • Having sex
  • Surfing the web
  • Using drugs and stimulants/Alcoholism
  • Partying
  • Working: domestic (house chores) or corporate work
  • Even studying

When you find yourself being abnormally or excessively involved in something, it’s time to pause and ask yourself a serious question: what are you running away from?


Procrastination remains one of the trending weaknesses of man. However, there are different levels of procrastination.

“The greatest form of procrastination is that of a man who puts aside his life goals and aspirations, his purpose and passion to live a life similar to many, yet meaningful and rewarding to a few, a man who stays waiting till everything lines up in his favor to begin his journey into a life of fulfillment and great accomplishments.”

– Mind Convos

When we procrastinate, we are in motion from something which could be a decision we have to make, a job we have to do, a place we ought to be, a conversation we need to have etc.

We therefore, engage excessively in other activities that would partially or temporarily take our minds off that particular activity.

The human mind naturally aims toward fulfillment, though the definition of fulfillment differs from person to person.

Some just want financial success, some want marital success; marry a great person, have a great family, while some just want to be at the top of their career or corporate ladder.

We all have that ideal definition of a “fulfilled life” and would enjoy fantasizing about it. However, thinking about the process of attaining that life would be a great source of headache to many.

The path to financial success and all other aspirations we have seem really long and tasking.

While some are a bit confused on what to do, how to begin the journey, many know what to do or at least have an idea about the effort that has to be made but then it seems so overwhelming hence they stay procrastinating all their lives- they run.

When we live a life that is in no way aiming towards our perceived source of fulfillment, naturally, we tend to feel a certain kind of displeasure and in some cases even pain.

We then begin to engage in certain activities that can (at least) temporarily make us happy or feel normal while deep down there’s a nagging displeasure or pain that comes to mind whenever we allow ourselves to stay in touch with the reality of our life.

Therefore, many have settled for a life of instantaneous gratification where a present state of enjoyment, relaxation or pleasure is much more appreciated and is thus chosen over that which delays gratification and rather involves activities that are probably not so pleasurable or that are even stressful but which ensures a most pleasurable or desirable end.


We all want to live long (only a weird few would wish to die young).

However, old age can be very torturing for the man or woman who spent his/her youth running from the responsibilities of life, who spent his/her days on activities that bring little or no rewards for the future. Misery and Regret becomes his/her companion; death becomes a hero, saving him/her from the physical and mental torture of a wasted life.

So why wait till you no longer have the energy and strength to make your dreams come true, till your will becomes at the mercy of tired muscles and bones, when too late becomes the word engraved on your soul, before you make the final decision to take action?

  • It is time to call it quits with unworthy addictions that add no value to your life.
  • It is time to dump meaningless, destructive habits and unhealthy relationships.
  • It is time to sit with yourself in deep reflection and meditation to find answers to the avoided questions of your life
  • It is time to seek God in His divine wisdom to show us the way, to lead us unto the right path so we can live a life worthy of emulation in gratitude and in hope for a rewarding future ahead.


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  1. Hey, great post, really insightful. I feel especially in this day and age it’s so easy for people to run aways from their lives through many of the things you listed above. It really is important to stop and start living today. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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