“With the wealth of experience living a life presents to us and the ability to think and put words together, every man becomes an author of his own book called Existence.”

– Mind Convos

Reading through motivational books and articles, I see how the author describes his/her ‘Existence’ – the mountains climbed, the oceans and seas that had to be crossed and then their great accomplishments, awards and accolades – hoping that this gives them just the authority and respect they need to have an influence on the reader.

But then…

Here I am, with no out-of-this-world experience to keep you all at the edge of curiosity, no sophisticated stories to share on my personal adventure and the journey so far. But then again…

I am Here.

I am here to share a part of my ‘Existence’ : the output of my moments and days of deep reflection. I am here to share my thoughts and opinions on the complicated matters that many would rather ignore, hoping that this would stir up something in us, something deep enough to make a strong, meaningful impact on our thinking which is the origin of many of the great potentials we carry in us.

Welcome to this amazing blog and I pray that you are truly blessed with rare and unlimited wisdom and the desire for positive action as you take on this journey with me…

– Olajumoke Ola


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