How to Elevate Your Life can be Pretty Simple: Just Say NO!



When you think of the word “angel”, you imagine someone who’s extremely nice and would never say NO to your requests, he/she would do anything else in this world but say NO to you.

Sadly, there are no angels on earth, you’d have to get to heaven to find one.

There are many factors that determine whether we achieve success or fulfillment in life or not and while hard work, diligence and determination are required to achieve and maintain that, your ability to say NO when and where necessary can decide whether you make it eventually or not.

The reason why some people are not where they want to be is not because President Buhari of Nigeria is slow and vague in making economic decisions, it is not because of the global recession, neither is it because Donald Trump will become President of America in January, 2017, rather it is due to their inability to say NO when they need to: NO to meaningless engagements, NO to popular opinions that lack depth, NO to requests that tamper with their integrity and self-discipline…

I have said NO a gazillion times in the course of my life. However, I have discovered that on growing up and becoming an adult, it has become a lot more difficult especially when your really close friend, boss, colleague or family member is giving you that puppy eye or stern look that tells you subtly that your future relationship depends on it or when the rest of the world who’s said YES seem to be having all the fun in the world while at it.

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This question seems confusing.

One might wonder; how can I run away from my life when it follows me everywhere? Is it possible to be apart from one’s own life?

For the deep thinkers, some might think of suicide. What a way to escape from an overwhelming life that seems to have become too difficult to live!

However, consciously or unconsciously, a lot of us run from our own lives on a daily basis that we even find ourselves asking the question: “when will I start living?” because we seem to have been merely in existence all this while.

When you excessively engage in any activity that takes you away from the reality of your life i.e. your challenges, your responsibilities, your career, your personality/character/beliefs, your background or relationships- the real things that make up your life- that makes you mentally or physically unavailable to do what needs to be done to move your life forward, you can be said to be “running” from your life.

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