We live in an inconsistent world…

Life is not constant.

Times are always changing; situations are never always the same.

One day, you are comfortable, all is well with you and then another day, you find yourself in a tough situation but then you just can’t give up. You’ve got to keep going, you’ve got to thrive and not just survive.

Some days you wake up strong, healthy and happy, some days you don’t feel so strong, you probably got flu or something and then some days you’re just not emotionally upbeat.  It just happens but you still gotta work, you still gotta make things happen, you can’t stop yet, you just have to keep going.

Maybe take some time to rest and recuperate but you know you’re going back sooner or later to make your own little contribution in the world either by the way of your work or your time.

So whenever you’re making or taking any life decision like marriage, career, and so on, remember to ask yourself some probing questions:

  • Would my love for this remain constant even in the face of life’s unpredictable circumstances?
  • Would I be satisfied and happy with this no matter how rough or tough life gets?

We can never be detailed enough while planning for the future; we can never be too sure.

However, we can take that leap of faith while knowing in our hearts that regardless of what the consequences are, life is full of second chances, and contrary to popular belief, opportunities “hardly come but once”; we can make positive changes and live mindfully, in appreciation of every single circumstance we encounter along the way.

CHERISH YOUR “STRUGGLE DAYS”: They exist for a reason…


Dear Awesome Reader,

Are you currently on a journey to unleashing your potentials? Are you pursuing your dreams and aspirations? Does it feel so over whelming and stressful? Are you feeling lonely, dejected and ready to give up? If yes, then wait a minute, this post is for you! Continue reading “CHERISH YOUR “STRUGGLE DAYS”: They exist for a reason…”



I can’t remember my past… or maybe I do: A collection of hazy memories, with a few remarkable moments sparkling from the surrounding dust.

However, the future seems to be ringing a bell in my head all the time, I can hardly concentrate.

Anxiety! Anxiety!! Anxiety!!!

I can hardly read these days, I seem to be running even in my thoughts. Running where? I wonder… to the future yet unknown or the future I have created in my ever anxious mind?

– Reflections of an anxious mind

The 21st century man and woman are anxious creatures. The accumulation of information over the years (centuries) coupled with its ever growing availability and accessibility via the internet and social media has made man an information animal, consuming hungrily with an insatiable appetite.

“Peace of mind” has become a rare “commodity”, too expensive for many to afford. We claim to do all we do to acquire that priceless state yet all we do only takes us further away from it. We have become slaves to our ever-growing desires and aspirations.

Anxiety has become our life companion yet in our walk or run with anxiety, many have met their untimely deaths, many have been sent to an early grave unprepared and even more pathetic, unfulfilled.




As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” But then who says it has to be your experience?

“If life were a school with experience as our teacher then the smart, high flying student would be one who learns avidly not only from his or her own teacher who exists in the form of his personal experiences but the one who also seeks enthusiastically to learn from the experiences of others.”

– Mind Convos




Have you ever denied yourself an opportunity to showcase your talents or abilities because you didn’t “look good” enough? When was the last time you missed an interview or a presentation all because you didn’t “feel good” enough?

A lot of people with great potentials and ideas have somehow failed to act on them due to low self-esteem and self-confidence. They see their lack of sophistication as a stumbling block. They look around them, at all that elegance and class that they do not have and all hopes of getting their ideas or talent out there go into shambles. They forget that:

“When people know you’ve got what they NEED e.g. Information, skill, idea and/or product, the way you walk, talk or dress is of no importance to them. All that ever matters is to give them what they need.

– Mind Convos




My Ideal Personality or person is:

  • Calm but agile
  • Fashionable but not vain
  • Smart, Intelligent and/or seeking intelligence
  • Humble but not easily manipulated

Continue reading “MY IDEAL PERSONALITY”



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Many times, we complain about school and the tiresome routines we have to deal with, the boring lectures and all but have we ever settled down to imagine how we’d have turned out without school? Of course some have natural abilities which they would probably have discovered anyway with or without school, for example, some are blessed with talents applicable to singing, dancing, drawing and so on.

However, many of us are born completely ignorant of how truly useful we are in the society we live in. We under estimate the power of our mind, body and brain… and if not for school some would probably have gone to their graves completely ignorant of the possibilities that abound in them. Some with the brain and mind of a genius would probably be wasting away their relevance doing menial jobs that do not challenge their thinking or produce anything out of the ordinary. Continue reading “WHY SCHOOL IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER!”



It all starts with a question… WHO AM I?

You are about to embark on a journey, which of these scenarios would you find most exciting? Continue reading “THE JOURNEY TO SELF-DISCOVERY”

THE WEAKNESS(ES) OF MANKIND: A Blessing or a Curse?


“The weaknesses of today lay the foundation for the strengths of tomorrow.”

–  Mind Convos

Sitting here this Friday night with my moments of core weakness being played back in my mind like a movie… a solemn, thought-provoking movie. I had spent the day highly optimistic, unusually aware and overwhelmed by my own “awesomeness” and now as the day is just about retiring to an end… the solemn thoughts arise:

Can humans ever be completely free of weaknesses and character flaws? Continue reading “THE WEAKNESS(ES) OF MANKIND: A Blessing or a Curse?”


photo credit: Kilian Schonberger photography
photo credit: Kilian Schoenberger photography

“We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the colour of our moral character from those who are around us.”

– John Locke.

Every blessed day we are fortunate to witness is accompanied by a wealth of experience we encounter; each experience we encounter is accompanied by a bundle of influence born in our minds. The influences in turn shape our personality; our thoughts, habits, character hence the decisions we make in our lives. The day-to-day decisions we make eventually sums up to our destiny.

From all of this, it becomes evident, the role that experience and thus influence play in our individual lives. But then…

How does experience become influence? Continue reading “INFLUENCE II: THE DOVE vs THE WOLF”