INFLUENCE: a rising star or a time bomb?

Photo credit: kilian schoenberger photography
Photo credit: kilian schonberger photography

“The influences you allow into your life will make you either a time bomb about to explode or a rising star about to shine its light on the world.”

– Mind Convos

  • Have you ever heard an unfamiliar song (by chance) and a few minutes later, you find yourself subconsciously humming the tunes or lyrics of the song?
  • Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and later you find yourself using certain words or expressions from the movie or book?

➡there lies the power of Influence!

“Influence is the effect that somebody or something has in the way a person thinks or behaves or on the way that something works or develops.”

– Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

According to John Locke (1632 – 1704),  an English philosopher and  physician who was regarded as one of the most influential of enlightenment thinkers;

 At birth, the mind was only a blank slate or tabula rasa. We are born without innate ideas, knowledge is determined only by experience derived from sense perception.”

Going by this train of thought, this post would be highly deficient in substance without reference to “experience” as the one and only source of influence common to mankind.

In this context, experience refers to the “conscious events that make up an individual’s life.”Merriam Webster dictionary. 

Our experiences from birth has somehow shaped us into who have become today. They are however, not limited to our problems and challenges but also, the things, people, places, and activities we have been exposed to over time. These experiences have a way of eating deep into our subconscious mind leaving footprints that eventually find their way back into our consciousness.

The experiences we are exposed to, or expose ourselves to form the building blocks of Influence in our lives. Influence in turn, forms the  building blocks of our personality which includes our thoughts, habits, character and hence the decisions we make in our lives.

As many of our experiences are unplanned, we do not have 100% control over what kinds of experiences we have. However, not all our experiences become influence  and THIS is the point where we have 100% control.

As humans through will power, we have the ability to choose the kinds of influence we want in our lives. This means we have the ability to create or embrace experiences that lead into the right type of influence and also the ability to resist experiences that lead into the wrong type of influence. To  do this effectively, let’s go further into the “talk on influence” by describing two types/categories of influence.


A bottle with the label “destructive” on it means that its content has the potential to cause destruction and ruin: such is the definition  of destructive influence.

We all know that the sole function of a “bomb” is to destroy anything unfortunate enough to be around it and in the case of a time bomb, as the name implies, its only a matter of “time” before that happens: such is the effect of destructive influence.

The imminent effects of destructive influence is most evident in the little ones. Adults on the other hand through more sophisticated thinking patterns, are more adept at hiding the effects such that the bomb becomes too late to detonate and eventually explodes destroying all beyond repair.

Examples of Destructive Influence:

  • That friend or colleague (insert names where appropriate :p) whom you know is really not a friend but more like a poison in human form whose destructive habits are so intense and contagious but somehow you find it difficult to repel him or her off.
  • All the noise and hassle in the world (via the news, social media and internet) that distract you from the intense search for the treasure that lies within you.

There are numerous examples and thanks to our conscience we know most of them, Think!


Anything labeled “constructive” has the potential to promote improvement or development: such is the definition of constructive influence.

A rising star gradually reveals its light on the world, exposing all that is hidden: the truth, the potentials and the evil that has hitherto thrived in the darkness: such is the effect of constructive influence. It opens your mind up to a vision or expression of a better version of you.

Examples of Constructive Influence:

  • That friend, colleague or mentor that makes you come alive with great, positive ideas and inspiration.
  • That book you read or place you go that awakens your intellectual and creative senses or spirit that gives you the feeling of optimism and serenity ( no stimulants allowed :p).

Now that we have identified the two categories of influence, how can we choose or determine our own destiny by consciously choosing the experiences and influences we want in our lives? How can we completely define our path in a world filled with distractions and destructive influence?

Watch this space for the concluding part of this blog post.

Now I leave you to ponder on the words of this great quote:

“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.”

– Napoleon Hill.

Your thoughts and opinions remain of utmost relevance on this blog, don’t hesitate to share them. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


7 thoughts on “INFLUENCE: a rising star or a time bomb?

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  3. @Eyitayo Yeah… Influence is the fruit of our seeds of experience. Our experiences play the key role in forming our influences and personality since most of the things we know do not come from nothing. Please watch out for the concluding post… it goes a little more in-depth on the topic.

    Thanks for your comments! 😀


  4. @Julianna Hmmm… True. Or may be we experience both simultaneously. Its like our mind is constantly in a struggle between constructive and destructive influences and that’s why only those with great strength of mind or will power can win the battle.

    Thanks for being the first to like and comment! 🙂


  5. Eyitayo

    “Influence”- “In”-fluence…it forms from within. It is a seed that grows into a fruit. Either destructive or constructive, it has to be nurtured before it manifests itself.

    I do believe there are direct and indirect forms of influence.


  6. I think we experience the two in different points in life. Wjen lessons are learned and you make a stand not go back, a person continues trying to be a rising star. Basically become allergic to negativity in all forms.


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