THE BEGINNING: The Mind Unveiled


For Humans only (No machines allowed):
The mind is probably the most powerful element of the human “be-ing”:

  • The dwelling place of all our feelings (good and evil).
  • The very origin of our personalities.
  • The source of all great things ever made (by man).

It leaves one in immense wonder, how this powerful gift to mankind is never fully nurtured and utilized by many and is left to rut with neglect.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the mind as the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and especially reasons.

The mind is what makes us conscious beings. It is what differentiates a “Richard Branson” from a “Bill Gates“. The mind is what makes these two different from you. In other words, the mind is what makes you→ YOU, not your physical features. Even identical twins have non-identical minds which makes one a totally different person from the other.

Let’s take a look at the world today… look at the influence of man’s existence:

  • The powerful structures and innovations
  • The powerful words in the works of great writers and philosophers.
  • The powerful inventions of the world’s greatest scientists…

All these can be attributed to only one thing→ THE MIND.

The human mind is so powerful: It has made kings and destroyed kings. It has made nations and destroyed nations. It has made destinies and destroyed destinies. Why then should we not pay attention to that which can so easily make or destroy our very existence?

Many of us just breeze through life and whatever happens along the way is attributed to destiny or fate and whatever character we exhibit is attributed to our genetic makeup and environmental influences but what about that which makes us the most powerful earthly creatures of God that we are? ➡ The Mind.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

– Henry David Thoreau.

The mind should be consciously trained to think only thoughts that would drive our destinies to the positive destination which we crave, that would yield the positive results which we seek but how can this be when the human mind by default is a wanderer, a “strayer” which sways in many directions and sometimes ends up in the darkest of thoughts? If the mind is what makes the decisions, how then can the mind train itself?

The greatest way to train the mind is the same as the greatest way to destroy it INFLUENCE.

Almost everything we see, read, hear, leaves a little (or a great) bit of something in us, that something is called Influence. The mind through willpower, can train itself by monitoring the kinds of influence it lets into itself.

” By consciously choosing your influences, you are in other words, choosing your destiny.”

– Mind Convos.

Well, are you curious, anxious, worried, or excited? Are you wise, naïve, intelligent or seeking intelligence? Are you a deep thinker? Are you human though?

Do join me on this blog as we go on an amazing journey to self-discovery, awareness and excellence-producing habits development and maintenance.

Your thoughts and opinions are of utmost relevance on this blog. Please share them with me in the comments section. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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